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Cooking Matters™ for Teens

<p>The&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(87, 89, 98);"><b>Cooking Matters™</b></span><font color="#575962">&nbsp;for Teens workshop is a three-week commitment, with each session lasting two hours. These fun interactive sessions are presented by trained culinary and nutrition instructors, and include hands-on presentations that teach teens how to make healthy food choices and prepare healthy&nbsp;meals and snacks&nbsp;for themselves, their family, and their friends.&nbsp;</font></p><p><font color="#575962">Beaumont is proud to offer<b>&nbsp;</b></font><span style="color: rgb(87, 89, 98);"><b>Cooking Matters™</b></span><span style="color: rgb(87, 89, 98);">&nbsp;workshops free of change with free groceries and free cookbooks included.</span></p><p><span style="color: rgb(87, 89, 98);">Due to funding restrictions registration is open to those who have not previously enrolled in a Cooking Matters course.</span></p><p><span style="color: rgb(87, 89, 98);"><br></span></p>


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