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Become Smoke Free: Beaumont's Quit Smoking Program

<p> Your decision to quit smoking could be one of the best decisions of your life! Like you, many smokers are willing to quit, but it isn't easy. Some quit 'cold turkey' or use nicotine replacement products. You may have tried to quit smoking before and haven't been successful--don't give up! For many smokers it takes several attempts before they succeed. </p><p> Beaumont's Quit Smoking Program is a 7-week program led by a tobacco treatment specialist and is conducted in an encouraging and supportive environment. Participants will meet once per week for 90 minutes and sessions will focus on: </p><ul><li> risks associated with tobacco use </li><li> physical and psychological dependence on smoking </li><li>the reasons why you smoke and how it affects you </li><li> cost savings associated with quitting smoking </li><li> determining your quit date and how to stick with it </li><li> coping strategies to manage side effects of quitting </li><li> management techniques and lifestyle changes to remain smoke free for life. </li></ul><p> After completing the program, respiratory therapy staff will check on participants at the one-month, six-month and the 12-month points. All are welcome to return to future sessions, cost-free, for extra encouragement if needed.</p>


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